BK Burger Shots – A Crime Against Humanity

Fast Food, Food Reviews

I decided to give Burger King’s new “Burger Shots” a try the other day. The King is not a place I frequent, but if I see commercials for a new food product I usually stop in and try it at least once.

I ordered the four pack which came wrapped up in twos. Here is what they gave me:

The first thing I noticed was that the buns were way bigger than the beef. Next, after removing the buns I realized that the beef was connected. The patties aren’t separate little slider patties like you get at White Castle, they’re actually more like Siamese twins that you have to rip apart.  There’s just something unappetizing about food that looks like it’s in the middle of mitotic cell division.

Another problem was that the patties kind of tasted like a normal Burger King burger minus the whole flame broiled part. So basically completely over cooked and generally not good.

I recommend that you never eat these things. Never ever.  Stick to your White Castle sliders and Krystals.