Random – Killer Tofu


So this last week has been pretty much hell with finals and presentations, but I did find time to enjoy a brilliant video of the Beats’ “Killer Tofu”. Here, you may now enjoy it too.

Oh, and if you had a terrible childhood and are not sure what this is, it’s from Doug which used to air on Nickelodeon.

Now with lyrics!

Fast food feels fuzzy
Cause it’s made from stuff that’s skuzzy
I always thought I was such a nerd
I refused to eat that strange bean curd
I wouldn’t eat it, WOW!But it ate you!
Ah eeh ooh, Killer tofu. (Eeyae.)
Oooh eeh ooh, Killer tofu!
I eat my sugar cereal
But it makes my teeth bacterial (Eeyaeyo, Eeyae)
If you feel kinda cruddy, (Eeyae)
Just stick right by your buddy (Eeyaeyo)
I don’t eat, t-t-t-t-t-too much fried food!