Criteria for a Great Mexican Joint


This was a thread on the forum and I found the whole thing hilarious.  A few of these are from people on the forum.  If this is in some way offensive to you, I guess I apologize.. but you probably need a sense of humor.  In no way is this intended to be mean spirited or attacking stereotypes.

  1. The chips are warm and the salsa MUST be home made.  If the chips and salsa are bad, the restaurant is bad.  If you sit down and are given bad chips and salsa, leave.
  2. It must be housed in a store front in a shopping center.  No free standing units need apply.  It’s also best if the shopping center has seen better days.  Disregard this one if you are in a traditional Mexican area such as Mexican Town in Detroit.
  3. The person who brings you your chips and salsa is not your server.  He or she is just the chips and salsa person.  They are usually the most recent addition to the staff, and they speak very little  or no English.  This tells me it’s a family run place, and the chips and salsa person is the newest member of the family to join the staff.
  4. The menus need to be a little bit sticky.  If they are wasting their time with something as pointless as cleaning the menu, they are not focused on the important things such as cooking good food.
  5. No yellow/orange cheese.  If the queso dip or shredded cheese on the food is yellow – GET OUT!
  6. Examine the walls.  If it looks as though there has been 40 or more coats, you could be in luck.  The newest paint job should contain colorful paintings and murals.
  7. A pinata or sombrero in the place somewhere on those walls.
  8. There should be no cute names on Menu.  Example:  Speedy Gonzalez or combos.  You should simply be able to say “I will have the #57”
  9. If they serve Menudo, you are in the right place.  Especially if it’s served on Sundays only.