D.C. Councilman hates delicious late night pizza

Fat Foods, Funny

Apparently Washington D.C. Councilman Orville Redenbacher does not like his late night Jumbo Slice -O- Pizza.  I think that Dr. Bowtie forgot that Jumbo Slice [a string of pizza joints selling slices of pizza the size of your torso as late night drunk munchies] is located amongst about 1000 bars and clubs in Adam’s Morgan, a D.C. neighborhood.  Maybe that is what is causing the crime problem?  I’m no expert on urban crime, but drugs and booze in rowdy clubs where folks are stepping on sneakers, spilling drinks, and hitting on girlfriends could be the culprit here.  Leave the innocent pizza alone!

source: http://www.wtopnews.com/?nid=596&sid=1681850