Domino’s Pasta Bowl

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After a while of telling myself I would try Domino’s new pasta in a bread bowl menu item, I finally managed to pick one up the other day(ordered it on-line so I could save a dollar.  cha-ching!).   They offer chicken Carbonara, Italian Sausage Marinara, Chicken Alfredo, Pasta Primavera or Three Cheese Mac-n-Cheese.  While these are all normally delicious pastas, something about Domino’s versions scared me.  The thing that scared me most was receiving a pasta made with pizza sauce.  I ended up taking the “create your own” option, which works out because I am somewhat of a control freak.

I scrolled through the options and was actually somewhat impressed.  There seem to be a lot of options that aren’t just pizza items, but ingredients that you would actually find in a pasta.  They also give you the option of adding a “light” amount or a “normal” amount for all sauces and ingredients.  I ended up choosing a bowl with alfredo sauce, light spinach, normal “premium” chicken, and feta cheese to top it off.  After ordering from the wrong Domino’s, being told I ordered from the wrong Domino’s by the people at the wrong Domino’s, and a short drive, I was finally with my bread bowl.

What I got seemed to be about half the size of what Domino’s is advertising.  I knew that it wouldn’t look exactly the same as what I was shown, but this was a little ridiculous.  The bread bowl is thick and not shallow, leaving little room to fill with pasta.  I would say that you are looking at 80% bread bowl, 7% pasta, and 13% cheese.  Hopefully I did that math right.  If not, I’m a non-profit blogger.  Not a mathematician.  Moving on..  The bread wasn’t very tasty, and I actually ended up throwing about half of it away.  It tastes like Domino’s pizza dough which I am assuming is exactly what it is.

The amount of ingredients actually put into the bowl was very disappointing to me.  I said light spinach, but it was must have been a mystery to me that light meant 6 pieces of spinach.  The spinach you are looking at right now is all the spinach that I got.  There’s nothing mixed into the pasta.  The amount of cheese they add to these things is insane, and I never thought I would say those words in my life.  I love cheese, but there comes a point where there is TOO MUCH CHEESE.  Maybe I was stupid to add feta to something with alfredo sauce,  but I needed some kind of cheese in there and cheddar wasn’t going to cut it for me.

When inserting my fork, the first thing I noticed in this pasta was the lack of pasta.  I would estimate that I received 12 noodles.  This is slightly disheartening when you remember that these are being advertised as pasta bowls.  If this was named a “Slop of Cheesy Goodness in a Bread Bowl”, I would have to say that Domino’s is really giving you what is advertised.  I can’t confirm it, but I believe that I gained 4 pounds from this meal.

In summary, this bowl wasn’t awful.  It just wasn’t satisfying and I would probably never order it again.  It’s worth a try, and maybe one of the bowls will be better than mine.