You may have noticed a lack of updates on here.  Well, hopefully you did because that means you actually read this thing on a regular basis.  I have been crazy shit busy (that means really really busy) with all sorts of things that aren’t nearly as fun as eating food, taking pictures, and writing about it.  Oh that, and I tried to eat a 30″ meat lovers pizza and was wasted on pizza for the last few days or so.  But never fear!  I will begin writing on a regular basis soon!  I am not slacking!

Until then, may Bobby Flay come to your house and challenge you to a showdown against your most important family recipe and destroy it with chipolte peppers and mango relish.  Just kidding, I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Oh, and also.. follow us on Twitter.  I finally figured out how to use “Tweet” or whatever and link it up to my Blackberry, so onward we go.  If you enjoy reading this site, you will surely enjoy our Twitter updates!