Sweetwater Tavern – World’s Best Wings

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Looking for the best wings in the country?  Look no farther than Sweetwater Tavern in Detroit, MI.  We stumbled in here after a long night in Greek Town and the Casino and were amazed by the food they are serving for reasonable prices.

Seriously, the wings are off the jam.   The very best, ever.   These aren’t your normal Bdubbs wings.   These are the real deal Holyfields.  Tasty and thru to the bone.  They aren’t saucy, and we barely had any remains on our hands afterward.  The taste is very hard to explain.  Kind of a jerk taste with a tangy twist.

The wings are delivered every morning on ice from the Eastern Market, and then marinated in their spices and good old fashioned love rub for 24 hours.  We begged our waiter to share their secret with us, but he would only tell us that the long marination time made most of the flavor.   I told him to make them spicy, and they did not disappoint.  You can still taste the wings long after you finish them, and the smell of the delicious sauce will stay on your hands for hours.

The quality of the images might be a little poor.  The bottom two were taken at about 1:45 AM after a looooooong night.



This guy was the man

This guy was the man

Sweetwater Tavern
400 E Congress St

Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 966-2210