The Most Expensive Alcohol That Ever Existed


As a regular drinker of whatever’s cheapest, such as Burnett’s Vodka and Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to alcohol I do not enjoy the finer things in life..  Every now and then maybe I’ll indulge on some Patron or wine, but spending that much money on some alcohol is just a bit crazy to me.  Oh, and I’m poor and can’t afford any of that stuff too.  That might have a hand in it as well.  While browsing around on the internet, I came across a list of the most expensive alcohol that ever existed..  This is crazy.

The $54,000 Rum

The Wray and Nephew Rum that was displayed at Rumfest, Europe’s first Rum festival has been dubbed the most expensive rum of all time. This bottle of rum, made by the Jamaican distillers was one of the four unopened bottles at the time. It was bottled back in 1940. The reason this rum became so rare is because the supply ran out following the then famous Mai Tai cocktail (1934) which used 17 year old Wray and Nephew Rum. The managing director of the Rum Festival at the time said that it was too tempting to leave it unopened. We are not sure if it has been opened yet.

The $75,000 Whisky (Whiskey)

Before I write any more on this section I apologize to anyone who might take offense to me using the word “whiskey” instead of “whisky.” It is just a personal preference. Anyway, for a whooping $75,000 dollar The Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare steals the show as the most expensive whiskey of all time, at least at the moment. You certainly won’t be able to find this particular whiskey at your local bar or the liquor store.

The $225,000 Tequila

The highest amount ever paid for a bottle of tequila is $225,000. The platinum and gold plated bottle of Ultra Premium Tequila Ley .925 was bought at an auction in Mexico city in 2006. The tequila in the gold and platinum plated bottle is triple-distilled mix of 8-, 10- and 12-year-old agave plants and is produced by Hacienda La Capilla Distillery in Los Altos, Jalisco.

The $275,000 Wine

With a price tag of $160,000 1787 Chateau Lafitteis is considered to be the most expensive wine of all time. The bottle originally belonged to the US President, Thomas Jefferson whose initials are etched into the bottle. Thomas Jefferson was an avid wine collector and some lucky (rich) wine collector paid $160,000. Besides the age, Thomas Jefferson’s initials etched into this bottle made it even more of a rare find and is considered to be the most expensive wine ever bought and sold.

The $1,060,000 Vodka

When it comes to vodka, the first thing that comes to mind is Russia. Surprisingly, the most expensive vodka comes from the lands of Scotland. The Diva Vodka is the world’s most expensive vodka which almost looks like a perfume bottle. Every bottle of the Diva vodka contains precious and semi-precious stones, including diamonds.The vodka is triple distilled and then passed through a sand of crushed diamonds and other gems.

The $2,000,000 Cognac

Well, seems like cognac which is considered to be one of the most expensive drinks in the world takes the crown. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage which costs around $2,000,000 is the most expensive alcohol in the world. This particular cognac was aged for 100 years in barrels that were air dried for five years before use. The final product is 41% alcohol (82 proof). Besides the content, the bottle itself has quite a few characteristic. The bottle is dipped in 24k gold and sterling platinum and adorned with 6,500 brilliant cut diamonds.