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My modus operandi is generally not food oriented discussions however I am in the process of shaving of some weight so being creative with a few healthy options has been my move so I thought I would share a quick salad that I have been making lately.

First off, for the past 6 months or so I have given up on “traditional” salads…in other words I only eat CHOPPED salad…its no big deal to order any salad this way at a restaurant and easy to do at home. I grew tired of stabbing into a huge slab of lettuce and having it fling stuff all over my face and shirt!  Plus, when you chop it you can get more flavors in each bite.  Makes perfect sense!!


So, here is my quick, easy creation…in a large stainless steel bowl:  get a bag of chopped romaine from the grocery store.  Chop up some red onion, toss in a small can of sliced black olives and any other leftover vegetables you have in the fridge.  Then, if you don’t grow basil in your backyard yet, get on this!!! Chop up a few basil leaves and toss them in.  A little cracked pepper and some garlic salt…then two or three shakes of EVOO and one or two shake of balsamic.

Now the fun begins…for the chopping part the critical must-have is the large stainless steel bowl.  Grab huge mounds of salad with tongs and place a sharp butcher knife between the tongs and slice…slice and slice, grab and slice…don’t worry about the knife scraping the bowl, that’s why there are sharpening tools!!  Once chopped to your liking, this salad is awesome.


Why, you ask, am I so fired up about salad??  Trying desperately to integrate healthy stuff into my repertoire…good bye chocolate-covered-pork, hello chopped salad.