Egg Cuddled in Bacon, Cheese & Sausage

Fat Foods

Sometimes I actually do love my readers.

Over the weekend I was contacted by a young lady by the name of Varta, whose hobbies include making some of the most incredibly gluttonous food I have ever seen.  Apparently link here a-holes) has decided to not post good content anymore, because they completely neglected her submissions.  I felt it was the right thing to do to get her gluttonous cooking up here as quickly as possible, because that’s what Epic Portions is all about.  The right thing to do.  You can always count on us… Anyways…

The first thing I want to share with you is this a hard boiled egg wrapped in bacon, surrounded by cheese, and “cuddled” in spicy sausage.  This literally makes me want to do naughty things to my monitor.

Thanks to Varta for allowing me to share this with you, and actually making this thing.  This took a lot of genius.