Irish Car Bomb Cake

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Now, I know the whole Irish Car Bomb shot is in terrible taste because of PIRA terrorism, but it’s so delicious that I ended up not caring.  Plus, if I’m ordering one of these things I’m most likely too drunk to consider Irish history.  I’m not much of a baker, but this sounds absolutely delicious.  I want one of these for my next birthday(March 15th).  Actually, I want one of these things tonight, damnit.  I’m actually going to have to get out my measuring cups for this one.  What a travesty.

For those who don’t know – -the drink is made by filling a shot glass half full of Irish Cream, then floating Irish Whiskey on top of that before dropping the shot glass into a half-full pint glass of Guinness and chugging it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t curdle in the glass. It is a variation of a boilermaker and for some reason whoever invented it thought it was a good idea to name it after a common form of Irish domestic terrorism of the time, which — understandably — pisses the Irish off to no end.

Chocolate cake with guinness, filled with chocolate ganache with just a touch of Irish whiskey, and then topped with an uber rich Irish Cream butter cream frosting. The whole thing is incredibly rich and decadent. I made a layer cake — the base cupcake mix poured into to 8 inch round cake pans, baked for 15 minutes at 350, then lowered to 300 for another 10 until done in the middle — then doubled buttercream to ensure I had enough to go around. If you make cupcakes, go with Deb’s proportions for sure. If you go the route I did and make a layer cake you could probably get away with not doubling frosting sinceit is incredibly rich, but you might have to really stretch a single batch of the frosting to get the cake covered.

For the recipe, head over to:


My girlfriend found this rather disgusting, so I felt that I must include a recipe that is more to her liking.. Gin and Tonic Cupcakes.