Seriously, Bacardi?


Sometimes when I see advertisements, I try to picture in my head a round table of executives listening to the advertising departments’ recent ideas.  I also try and think of the other ideas that get left behind when they pick an awful idea such as the following…


Apparently this is Bacardi’s new Hebrew advertising campaign.  According to Copyranter, Israeli ad agency McCann Digital launched the “Get An Ugly Girlfriend!” site in Hebrew and English along with a Hebrew-only facebook group to promote the fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages. The site suggests that like Bacardi Breezers, ugly friends come in several different varieties and women can use them to appear more attractive in social situations, such as at the beach:


Or at the mall…


Or even a BBQ…


While I find this kind of funny, it’s also a little ridiculous.  Bacardi is somewhat of a large company, so it’s confusing as to why they would release this campaign and not expect a bunch of bitching from women’s groups.  It’s also really confusing that they chose to market this concept to women instead of men.

I do have on question though.  Will people do anything for money?  I can imagine casting sessions for this advertisement:

Casting guy: “So Sally, we are making an advertising campaign telling women to get ugly girlfriends to stand next to if they want to pick up some more studs.  We think you’re perfect for the role of the ugly girlfriend!”

Sally: “Am I getting paid?”

Casting guy: “Yes, you will be paid $750”

Sally: “Ohhhh sheeeeit, that’s my car note, collections payment, diapers for the twins, and a bottle of Goose to celebrate.  I’m in!”