Wendy’s Boneless Wings

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One of the first posts I did on this blog was one dedicated to my hatred of boneless chicken wings.  I got a reply from a “sgh”, stating I did not know what I was talking about:

From: sgh


You might want to go talk with your sources about what a Boneless Wing is made of. Real boneless wings are made from 100% all white meat chicken – the breast. Some lower quality products – aka Nuggets – are made from grinding meat.

Try the new Wendy’s Boneless Wings. They will be in store in the next couple of weeks. When you bite into them you will see that they look like the meat from a breast or their premium chicken sandwiches.

I decided to visit the nearest Wendy’s location to give them a try.  I went with the bold buffalo flavored variety, because buffalo sauce is one of my favorite things in the world.  What I found out was that these “premium” boneless wings were $3.99.  For real?  I can get McNuggets down the road for .99 cents  and spin them in home made buffalo sauce for free.  Add in a chicken sandwich and a large cherry coke, and you’ve got yourself the shittiest $10 lunch in the history of shitty $10 lunches.  I can’t be spending $10 bucks on lunch.  Who am I?  Bill Gates?  No, I’m a struggling student that likes to eat, damnit.


What I got were several chunks of average tasting chicken shaken in an average tasting buffalo sauce.  When think of buffalo sauce, I think of a mixture of red hot sauce and butter.  A delicious heavenly concoction.  Wendy’s version of the sauce is more of a syrupy consistency, with not a whole lot of tang.  The taste is more sweet than spicy.   I counted 5 above averages sized pieces of chicken, and 4 very small sizes.  Oh, and no bleu cheese dipping sauce?  What a crime.

In response to sgh, I spoke to my sources and they told me that Wendy’s boneless wings suck.  Maybe if they were a buck and some change my expectations wouldn’t be so high but for $3.99 I want some seriously good chicken, not a bunch of average pieces of chicken tossed around in a syrupy artificially flavored sauce.  I felt like Dave Thomas reached down from heaven and slapped me in the face.

Epic Portions does not reccomend Wendy’s boneless wings.  In fact, we think they are terrible.