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For some reason I have never gotten over to Big Ten Burrito in Ann Arbor.  If I had to guess what that reason was it would probably have something to do with my laziness but that is usually trumped by my hunger for good food, specifically gigantic burritos.  Yesterday, I finally decided to make the trip and conquer their giant burrito.  I have to say, I was not disappointed.

This burrito was filled guacamole, sour cream, rice, pinto beans, grilled chicken and cheese wrapped inside a 2 tortilla sleeping bag.  I have to say, it was extremely delicious.  The ingredients were well portioned, and no one ingredient dominated.  It wasn’t like a Qdoba or Chipolte burrito where half of the burrito is rice.  In addition, their hot sauces were very good.  The regular sauce is a green sauce that has very good heat, while the Diablo is a legitimate hot sauce.  Be careful with that stuff.  They do give you a regular chunky salsa with cilantro, if heat is not your thing.

Even better, at BTB Cantina, they serve alcohol.  Very cheap alcohol.  I got to wash down this monster with frozen margaritas that only cost me 2 bucks a piece.  We hung out well after we were done with burritos and watched rugby on their flat screen TV.  Well done, BTB Cantina.  Well done.

Oh, and just so you think I’m even cooler than you already do, I finished half of my girlfriend’s regular sized burrito as well.  Actually, I believe that just makes me fat.



This mofo weighs like 2 pounds



My gift to you.. Pictures of me eating




I haz conquered the burrito

Big Ten Burrito (Cantina)
1140 South University
Ann Arbor, MI