BIG Wreck from Potbelly

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If you build it, I will come…


If you run an eating establishment located in my area and you begin advertising something that is larger than what is normally served, you can bet your sweet behind that John will be in line sooner or later.  Ever since Potbelly began serving the BIGs version of their sandwiches, I have made it a goal of mine to get over there and put the name to the test.  I have to admit, I had only tried Potbelly once before and was only somewhat impressed.  Stephanie used to work for them so one day she convinced me to try it under the condition that it was free.  I am a huge fan of sandwiches, but the Subways of the world seem to feel that stuffing as much lettuce as possible between two peices of bread is considered a sandwich.  I beg to differ.  To me, a sandwich is two toasted pieces of bread, a delicious sauce, and as much meat as possible.  I frequently order sandwiches with no veggies at all.  Potbelly seems to be a natural fit for me because their sandwiches are well toasted(none of this Subway microwave oven bullshit), usually heavy on the meat, and the optional additions are delicious.


Today, I believed that I had created my ideal sandwich.  The Wreck. Salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese topped with oil, mayo, Italian seasonings and hot peppers.  This may not be the healthiest sandwich in the world, but if you read this blog on a somewhat regular basis you may have found that counting calories is not one of my hobbies.  While this sandwich had all the makings of being high up on the scale of deliciousnesses, it fell more into the “pretty damn good” category.  There was less meat than I expected, which leads me to believe that they are using the same amount for the BIGs as they are for their regular sized sandwiches.  The peppers were absolutely delicious, and the oil, seasonings, and mayo made for an almost perfect sandwich topping.  If they went a little less heavy on the bread and cranked up the amount of meat, this sandwich would be in my hall of fame.  I will have to consult with Stephanie on how to say, in Potbelly lingo, GIVE ME MORE MEAT!


I have to say, in conclusion, that I eat far more than the normal human being.  This would probably be the perfect amount of food for someone who doesn’t consume more than 3500 calories per day.  But if you are like me and enjoy your portions large, give it a try but don’t hold your standards too high.