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A lot of people are concerned with people that talk on their phones and text while driving.  I agree that this is a dangerous thing to do, but I can’t drive without it.  My A.D.D. requires me to be doing at least three things at all times, so I have to be engaged in some form of communication.  Rather than text while driving 50 miles per hour in a vehicle that weighs in excess of 1,000 pounds, I decided the natural thing to do was blog.  Yes, you are witnessing the first food blog done in a moving vehicle.  Settle down.  I know it’s awesome.  Dangerous?  Maybe.  But that’s a risk I am willing to take to entertain my readers.  I would also like to apologize to my Mom.  I’m expecting a phone call within hours telling me how stupid I am.

I decided to stop at Burger King for some breakfast.  Burger King always seems to be second in line when it comes to breakfast, and mostly just copies off what McDonalds has.  I have always enjoyed BK breakfast, but it will never touch the amazing Egg McMuffin.  Also, BK’s food seems to be a little ridiculous on the grease.


Hmm, what will I have?  I chose those new BK wraps, a croissant sandwich, and the new iced Mocha BK Joe.  I wasn’t sure why I chose to get something having to do with coffee because I don’t drink coffee, but I wasn’t too disappointed.


Off I went, with no regards to public safety.  The wrap was easy to eat while driving, and actually tasted pretty delicious.  Inside are potatoes, bacon, cheese, and egg.  Like all of their other breakfast options, the wrap was extremely greasy which I blame on the potatoes.  I would recommend one of these guys if you’re looking for a small and cheap breakfast.  It’s on par with the McDonalds breakfast burrito but a lot simpler.  Check out this damn fine photography while operating a moving vehicle.


Next up we have the delicious croissant sandwich.  I don’t believe I have ever been to Burger King for breakfast and not gotten one of these.  They are the closest thing, in deliciousness, to McDonalds’ McMuffin, which I consider to be king of the fast food breakfast items.  This was a little more tricky to consume in the car.  A napkin bib for my legs was constructed, and eating commenced.




..and finally we have the mocha BK Joe.  Of course Burger King had to follow the coffee trend after McDonalds introduced their “premium” items a year or two ago.  This coffee was not so premium.  It was, on the other hand, very delicious.  After seeing the drive through lady pour it out of a giant pitcher, I was a little worried.  After tasting it, oh  man.  Not disappointed.  It tastes exactly like those Starbucks Frappuccino things that you buy in stores.  Nice work, King.



Just for the record, I’m still in the process of moving and got pretty lazy last night.  That’s my explanation for all of that crap in the back seat.  I’m not that big of a slob.