Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Cups

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edit: this was Varta’s doing, not John.  John could never even imagine making something as delicious as this.  most apologies.

Bananas. Like the flavor, hate the fruit, why’d they have to be so mushy? So browsing through World Market on Saturday, where I made a beeline for the food stuff they tuck in the back, look at what I found.


Holy. Bananas.

That night was also my good friends birthday dinner where when we were about to order dessert, the waiter told us that all the desserts on the menu were mini sized. MINI? Yea, we definitely closed the menus and went to Cold Stone. That got me thinking though, about a single serving size banana flavored ice cream treat. *Inspiration*
I made a simple graham cracker crust, using a cupcake tray as the mold to keep the size right. A blob of the banana chocolate spread was covered by thin slices of banana and carefully topped with ice cream. I wanted it too look pretty so I made chocolate ganache (just melt chocolate and add some cream) and spread a layer over the ice cream. Back into the freezer to firm up and done! (Side note, I ran out of ganache and one was left top naked, and I actually preferred it that way)
I really need to work on my food photography. I would have attempted to take an autopsy shot and just better pictures in general, but my dad, uncle, brother, cousin, and my brothers friend were all waiting for me to plate and serve.