KFC’s $5 Fill Up Box

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You are now free to call me a hypocrite.

A few months back, I wrote a post demanding that certain fast food establishments stop the production of random new items to draw attention to themselves. One of these included the new grilled chicken at KFC, which I believe I called “completely going against everything you served at KFC for the last 50 years.” Well, ever since I began seeing the commercials for their new Five Dollar Fill up Boxes, I have had great admiration for KFC because of their direct rip on Subway’s five dollar footlongs. I have new found respect for the Colonel, even though he’s been dead for years. Dead or alive, anyone who takes a dig at Subway is a friend of mine.

With this new admiration, I decided to pick up one of these boxes on the way home from work last night. If you haven’t seen the commercial which is aired non-stop on what seems like every single channel, the five dollar fill up box comes with a chicken option, a side of your choice, a biscuit, and a medium drink. I was surprised to find that there were several different options, including a two-piece meal, three Original Recipe Strips, a Twister Wrap, five Hot Wings or five Dipped Wings. For some reason, I decided to try the new grilled chicken. You are again free to call me a hypocrite. For my side I, of course, got the mashed taters. I’m just not down with cole slaw from KFC. Here’s what I got:


I was rather disappointed when I opened the box.  I was actually pretty disgusted.  The chicken looked pretty bare and didn’t look like it was going to fill me up at all.  Had KFC abused my new found trust?  Upon putting the pieces on a plate, I realized that the breast was actually a pretty good size hunk of meat. The wing could’ve been a little better, but the appearance of the chicken was much improved from my first glance:


The outside of the chicken was slightly crispy and the chicken had the same greasy texture as the original fried kind.  A paper towel was required to handle it, which is always a great sign.  I am usually a frequent adder of Frank’s Red Hot to most plain chicken I eat, but the grilled chicken didn’t even require any.  The meat was juicy, and the seasoning was tasty.  I wouldn’t call this the finest piece of chicken I’ve ever eaten, but it was a definite surprise.  The Taters?  Delicious as always.  I have to give KFC some props on this.  For 5 bucks, this is one hell of a deal.  I have to say I was satisfied with the size of the meal, and only had fruit snacks after, but that’s only because of my deep love affair with fruit snacks.



I would recommend you go and give one of these boxes a shot.  You may find yourself as surprised as I was.  Oh, and boo Subway.  Nasty.