McDonalds Angus Burger

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I love my gym. Unfortunately, its location tests me on a daily basis. First of all, it’s right next to a Starbucks, and I’m a prissy Persian girl, Starbucks’ marketing team thrives on us. Second, when I drive home, McDonald’s is on MY side of the road, so a detour to the drive-thru is on the way home. Darn you, convenience. After an hour of Zumba though, I convinced myself that today I deserved a treat. I pulled in thinking I’d order a Happy Meal just to curb the craving when something caught my eye.


Hubba Hubba Drool.

Screw the Happy Meal, bring on the bacon. Giddy as can be I didn’t even bother to wait until I got home, I put the fries in the cup holder and burger box in my lap. This is why we have red lights, right? I wish I looked at the odometer to see how many miles it took me to finish it because I inhaled it. Obviously, the expectations and standards of a fast food burger are pretty low, but I have to say it was a delicious burger. Tastes like actual beef (I know, duh) and not what I call “McDonald’s burger meat”.   Good bun, more importantly, bun to beef ratio was on par. You know when you get a Big Mac and it’s half bread? None of that. I ordered the bacon and cheese angus burger and there was a good amount of bacon on there. That’s another point most fast food places miss with burgers, not enough bacon. I also was pleasantly surprised when I took a look and saw red onion. Fancy.  Passing up the Golden Arches on the way home just got harder.

From John:

I actually had the same exact thing for lunch yesterday and have to agree that these things are pretty damn good.  Unfortunately I was at work when I got it and had no intentions of doing a review, so enjoy these terrible pictures taken with my Blackberry.