Tabasco Tequila. Stop.

Beer/Drinks, Rants

Just in case there’s people out there that enjoy prarie fire shots, the McIlhenny Company decided to make a tequila that is infused with their own Tabasco sauce.  Observe:


Wow, yeah great idea there.  I really missed the taste of those prarie fire shots that some asshole ordered for me on my 21st birthday.  I yearned for that burning in my throat followed by the gagging feeling for so many years now.  Not only can I drink them at home, but it’s already pre-mixed for me!  Fucking brilliant.

Things I would rather drink that Tabasco Tequila:

  • Unfiltered water from the Nile River proven to somehow spread HIV
  • Water from Mario Batali’s toilet bowl
  • The water left over from unfreezing Brendan Frazier in the movie, Encino Man
  • Frank’s Red Hot Tequila

I guess the only positive thing is you can finally make those Tapeworm shots, 1 oz. Tabasco Tequila, black pepper, & small portion of Mayonaise, or even my personal favorite the Hot Mexican Hooker, 1 oz Tabasco Tequila & a small portion of Tuna Fish Juice, without much trouble now

Thanks McIlhenny Company!