BLT Heaven. Merritt’s Grill – Chapel Hill, NC

Food Reviews, North Carolina


In the back of this glorious southern store is a sandwhich counter that might make the best BLT on earth.


Evidence? I draw your attention to the Triple Stack:

Bacon Lettuce Tomato.  Bacon Lettuce Tomato.  Bacon Lettuce Tomato...

Bacon Lettuce Tomato. Bacon Lettuce Tomato. Bacon Lettuce Tomato...

If that didn’t get your motor going, let me offer a theory as to why these things are so good.
#1) Toasted bread. Good quality bread too…BLTs usually suffer from low quality bread that gets soggy under the weight of juicy tomatoes. Now, while the bread is technically a vehicle for all that B, L, and T – its still important.
#2) Real good lettuce.
#3) Real good mayo.  You know, that industrial style mayo, where scientists have somehow devised  a way to fit more fat per tablespoon in it than…well….pure fat.   The future is now!!  And it is delicious.
#4) Salted tomatoes. This is key.  It also helps counteract the water in the tomatoes.
#5) Bacon so good it will make you want to visit your local hog farm to personally thank the pig and farmer for making America and your sandwich a better place.

Just a theory….  Oh yeah, can’t forget the equally impressive double stack (for those on a strict diet).


Merrit’s Grill
1009 S Columbia St
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 942-4897