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Big Todd came in this past weekend, so the only logical thing to do was go to the Heidelberg and drink beer out of glass boots.  Heidelberg is a great bar in Ann Arbor with three floors of different atmospheres.  The basement, or The Rathskeller, is an old German style bar with darts, old wooden booths, a juke box, and a full service bar.  The main floor is a the last standing German restaurant in Ann Arbor with some of the best soups in the area.  A few months ago a customer challenged the chef to create a bacon cheeseburger soup and the results were incredible.  The restaurant also boasts Slimmer, one my favorite bartenders in the entire world.  If you ever see her, request  Slimmer Slammer.  If she’ll make it for you, you’ll have a rough time getting out of your seat after finishing.  The top floor functions as a small club, so you don’t see me there often.  The selection of German beers is their calling card, although a full bar is available on all three levels and patrons can freely carry drinks up and down the stairs.

The real reason we come here, besides the great food and beer, are the boots.  I believe they have mini-boots now, but the true boot is about 100 oz of beer that you can fill up for $20 with any beer on tap.  I once broke one of these things and was responsible for the deposit, which was $50.  I don’t recommend toasting the boot with a bottle of beer.  That’s a terrible idea.

The basement on a Thursday night

The basement, early on a Thursday night

Your authors

Your authors. Not sure why I look so angry.

Boots filled with beer excites Todd

Boots filled with beer excites Todd

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