Sweetwater Tavern – Detroit, MI

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I previously wrote about Sweetwater Tavern in May, but felt that I did not do it justice.  The documented visit concluded a long night of cheap drinks at Greektown Casino, which caused the pictures to be blurry and the memory to be cloudy.  With Todd in town this past weekend, we both felt it was the obvious choice for dinner before a Tigers game.   Sweetwater Tavern has the best wings I have ever eaten in my life. They’re nothing like any wing I have ever tasted.  This isn’t some place where you have 857 sauces to choose from.  They have one sauce.  And it’s incredible.  The outside of the wing is blackened, making it crunchy and flavorful.  They’re spun in sauce, but they’re not saucy.  Little to no sauce will be stuck to your hand afterward, yet you can smell the delicious Cajun style seasoning for hours.  The only thing they will tell you is that the wings are delivered daily from Eastern Market and marinated for 24 hours.  How they cook the wings is a complete mystery to me.  We pestered our waiter during the previous visit and accused him of broiling the wings, but he promised they never touched an oven or boiler.


During previous visits, these wings were the only thing ordered.  It just seemed illogical to fill valuable potential stomach space with anything else.  This time we brought our appetites, manned up, and ordered something else as well as two orders of wings.  Two Reuben sandwiches to be exact. While these were not the biggest sandwiches I’ve ever seen, the flavor more than made up for it.  I can honestly say that if this wasn’t the best Reuben I’ve ever had, it’s top three.  Todd is commonly referred to as “Mr. Reuben” and he declared this his number two Reuben of all time.  Unlike many places that go heavy on the sauerkraut and light on the rest of the fixings, this sandwich is perfectly portioned.  Not one ingredient dominates, allowing them all to fuse together into one delicious sandwich.  To make it even better, they serve you the dressing on the side to allow for dunking.




If you are ever in Detroit, I beg you to eat at Sweetwater Tavern.  It’s right next to Greektown, which is a great area to visit if you are unfamiliar with the area.  If you’re like me and get watery eyes during a great meal(Stephanie finds this incredibly weird), you’ll find yourself getting emotional here.

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