I want this coffee maker

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Those who know me know that I certainly enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every once in a while (every day, all day).  So imagine my glee when I stumbled into a coffee shop at the corner of Touro and Royal St in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans (this place apparently doesn’t actually exist since it is impossible to find on Google maps/anywhere on the interwebs).  Before me stood the coolest coffee maker…ever.


Beep beep boop beep. I will make your coffee in 1.61 seconds. I will also try not to take over this coffee shop and kill all humans. Beep beep boop.

I asked the girl working at the shop where they got this thing – apparently it had been used for years as a movie prop and the owner found it, fixed it, and now uses it to make one mean cup -o- joe.


Urge to kill humans growing! GROWING!

This place also definitely had a great vibe…

IMG_0922.JPG IMG_0925.JPG


mmm...coffee out of a weirdo mug!