Kobayashi’s Back, Mofos

Competitive Eating


Kobayashi gave a giant middle finger to Joey Chestnut, in the form of slider consumption.  In eight minutes Takeru was able to take down 93 sliders in the Krystal Square-Off this weekend.   Chestnut only finished with 81.  Holy shit.

“We knew today’s Krystal Square Off championship was going to be a battle for the ages with Kobayashi hoping to reclaim his glory and Chestnut defending his two-year reign as champ, and both eaters did not disappoint,” said Brad Wahl, vice president of marketing, The Krystal Company. “Kobayashi’s commanding win over Chestnut proved once again why he is the sport’s biggest star.”

It’s not like this was a race to the finish.  Kobayashi just bitch slapped Chestnut.  It’s like he insulted his entire family.  This will make my father happy, who swears Chestnut has been cheating somehow.