McDonalds Keeps it Gangster



Apparently you can get glocks and weed at McDonalds now.  I’m not lovin’ that.  Glocks and marijuana destroy communities!  You read…

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A Charleston teen picked up his food from a McDonald’s drive-through, but he got something else with his meal — a loaded gun and bags of marijuana.

It happened on August 29 at the McDonald’s on Savannah Highway. According to a police report, an 18-year-old and his cousin went to the drive-through to get some food. The employee at the window asked ‘who gets the bags.’ The young man said ‘it doesn’t matter,’ not realizing what he would find inside.

Police say he got an extra bag with a loaded .45-caliber or nine-millimeter handgun and what appeared to be bags of marijuana.

“It was the gun and the marijuana that was inside of a brown bag sitting inside of a McDonald’s bag,” said Kathy Rivera, whose son found the gun in his bag. “They noticed they had three bags. There were only two people in the car, so when he opened it he noticed it.”

Police say the gun and the bags of marijuana apparently were meant for the car behind the 18-year-old’s vehicle in the drive-through. Those people followed the young man all the way to a gas station on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. One of them jumped out of the car and demanded that he give them the bags, which he did.

This could have led to some serious violence.  I know if someone tried to stick me up for my food they would be taking a dirt nap.  Fo real.  Fo real.

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