West Coast Sandwiches & Grill

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A new sandwich shop, West Coast Sandwiches & Grill, opened up down on Cross st. in Ypsi so I had to go let them know who runs the food blogging circuit in this area.  The owner greeted me on my way in and spoke for a few minutes about his business and food prep.  He stressed that all their meat is purchased daily and marinated on site.  It’s always nice to see an actual sandwich shop open up and take on Subway, which slangs compete crap on bread.  West Coast Sandwiches has four categories of sandwiches, chicken subs, steak subs, cold cuts, and seafood, and all sandwiches come in your choice of a pita or toasted bread(for real toasted, not that Subway imitation toast bullshit).  They keep it simple but have a lot of interesting touches to their menu items.  Many of the sandwiches contain potato sticks, which are similar to little dried french fries.  They add an interesting touch.  The seafood section of the menu includes tuna, shrimp, wild caught salmon, and a crab mixture that makes up the seafood sub.   All the guys in there are friendly as hell and will hook your sandwich up the way you want it.  Every sandwich is under $5.00, and you can get some great sides such as potato salad, hommous, breaded mushrooms, and zucchini stix.

My first visit, which is documented here, consisted of a delicious buffalo chicken sub with marinated chicken breast, Frank’s red hot, potato sticks, and ranch.  I was a little disappointed with the size, but the chicken breast in this thing is incredible.  The potato sticks are a nice touch, and the Frank’s is delicious as always.  Not an amazing sandwich, but very good.  I actually went back the next night and got the exact same thing, but asked the guy to load it up and add some cheese.  He obliged and I got a MUCH bigger sandwich than this one.  Don’t judge.  Go and pay these guys a visit if you live in the area.





West Coast Sandwiches & Grill
505 W. Cross St.
Ypsilanti, MI