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I love me some Chinese take-out.  Delicious, cheap, and largely portioned.  This is my daily formula when looking for lunch, and China Chef always hooks me up with one of the greatest lunch specials in the world.  Your choice of rice(chicken fried, shrimp fried, steamed, ect.), a main item and an egg roll for $4.29.  This ends up costing you a little under $2 per pound.  I have to admit that eating at a Chinese restaurant with an entirely Spanish speaking kitchen staff is a little odd, but they put out some of the best Chinese take-out I have had.

Take a look at this pile of Chinese greatness:


General chicken with fried rice

And if you have what some may call an eating problem like I do, they have great dumplings for only $2.25.


Nothing unique or special.  Just a whole lotta good Chinese food for not a lot of cashish.  Depending on how poor I am, this can be lunch AND dinner.  Gotta cut back somewhere in these harsh economic times.  Thankfully, China Chef is there for me.

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