Getting Back into Fighting Shape…


On September 17th, I discussed my battle with obesity and my decision to begin eating a little healthier.  Actually no, I was just becoming a fatass because of too many Bomber Breakfasts and 30″ meat lovers pizzas.  I did decide to start eating a little better to shed a few pounds.  On that date I was 235 pounds.

Check this shit out:



In ladyfriend news, she’s decided to go all out and eat strictly vegan.  While I can’t say this is my idea of good eating, I gotta throw my support behind her.  I even made a vegan dinner the other night.  My Mother is beyond impressed.  She had a bunch of that Activia yogurt in the refrigerator that she can’t eat anymore.  The solution?  I’m taking the Activia challenge.  To be completely honest, I’m not sure what the big challenge of eating a thing of yogurt every day is, but the stuff is pretty delicious.  I’m also not sure what the challenge is supposed to do, but my sources tell me it helps make you “regular”.  When I did some research on Google, apparently this means it makes you poop a lot.  Looking forward to it.

Damn, I gotta eat all of this yogurt?

Damn, I gotta eat all of this yogurt?