Dear Tios, You Suck

Food Reviews, Ypsilanti

Tios’ latest attempt to lure Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor residents into eating their terrible food is an eating competition involving 5 pounds of nachos, called Mount Nacheesmo.  I would normally be pretty pumped about an eating competition in my hometown of Ypsilanti, but I am on a strict boycott of anything involving Tios Mexican Cafe.

In true Tios fashion, the nachos closely resemble something you could easily make at home.  Check out that guacamole.  Look familiar?  Maybe a certain guacamole served by Taco Bell?  Or something that fixes leaks in your plumbing?  Sick.  This looks like 4.5 pounds of tortilla chips with nacho topping garnishes.  I think I’ll keep my $29.99 and Tios can keep their t-shirts.  Boo Tios.  Boo.