Happy Thanksgiving from Epic Portions!


From here at Epic Portions, John and I wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

I for one will be taking advantage of this beautiful day to gorge myself senselessly. It started last Saturday.  And again last . Our neighbors hosted the second of what will be my four (4) Thanksgiving Dinners. That’s right. FOUR.

Today – the second and third. Details and photos coming soon, but believe you me – the Portions will be Epic.

Good day and welcome to the Holidays! (Cue 1 month of solid Christmas Carols)

Oh..and P.S.: John should be waiting your arrival at the Ann Arbor Best Buy tomorrow at 3:30 am. Did you hear? They’ve brought in a bunch of human abuse dolls in the form of Best Buy Employees. You just need to yell and yell, push and shove, complain and complain – that will certainly help you get everything you want for free! Happy Shopping! (#2 – Bring your tazer – I don’t want you getting crushed in some Walmart-style stampede)