Ain’t No Risk with this Lobster Bisque – Le Dog, Ann Arbor, MI

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When I used to work in Ann Arbor, Le Dog was my favorite lunch stop. Right next to place that sold Birkenstocks and Patchouli (I love Ann Arbor).  Open from 11:30-2:00 (M-F) all year round, this tiny hot dog stand serves up quick, delicious, very very non-kosher grub.

Le Dog’s hotdogs are amazing –  not so much because they are pretty tasty (which they are), but because they have the cojones to turn a hot dog into a cheese dog by throwing on a giant chunk of sharp cheddar.  And somehow, it actually works.

I recommend the chili cheese dog, especially now that it is starting to get cold.  The chili isn’t amazing, but honestly, if you’re getting a hot dog/cheese dog for lunch, there is no excuse NOT to get chili.  Beware: the chili is sloppy and it WILL get on your hands, and WILL get on your shirt.  There is no avoiding this.  You might as well get yourself a lunch chili shirt (preferably with dancing chili peppers on it), and just plan for the inevitable.  No bib can keep this chili off of you.


A beautiful food explorer on her first trip to Le Dog. Oh the wonder!

Le Dog also services some of the best soup in the area.   Seriously.  You will not find a better Lobster Bisque, anywhere.  The Bisque is rich and creamy, but also amazingly light and oddly refreshing.  Most Bisques tend to thicken pretty quickly, likely due to over-reduction after cooking for too long during the day.  While Le Dog’s bisque is very well seasoned, it remains light enough that the lobster flavor rounds the soup out very well.

If you plan ahead, you can even order a giant batch for Thanksgiving (which I HIGHLY recommend)! Just tell everyone you made it yourself – with lobster you caught with your bare hands (you then hold up your hands and show them fake claw marks all over your arms and hands).  I live 1000 miles away and I’m considering getting it shipped.  I wonder if they’d do that…


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