Mystery of the Greatest Sandwich Ever

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Having recently posted a few times about sandwiches, I’ve been feeling a bit reflective.  What makes a good sandwich?  Or rather, what makes the BEST sandwich?

The greatest sandwich that has ever crossed my lips is undoubtedly the roast beef sandwich from Quartermaster’s Deli in New Orleans, LA.  Hands down.  No questions.  Why no good photos?  Blame it on a broken camera.  Or…blame it on greater forces.  Forces in the universe that would prevent the revelation of such beauty to internet masses that cannot savor or smell it.  Or maybe Todd just dropped his camera the night before….

Seems fitting, though.  This sandwich (and the deli that makes it) is purely amazing.  Great people and customer service.  Wonderful bread, fantastic quality meat and side dishes – the mac and cheese is outstanding, and something else.  But mainly…it is just something I can’t quite figure out.  After three trips to this place…I may never fully understand the magic.  Maybe that’s what makes a good sandwich a good sandwich.  The mystery of it…


Seriously…best sandwich ever.  Like eating a pile of love.  Roasted love. With beef on it.

Quartermaster Deli
1100 Bourbon Street [several blocks from most of Bourbon Street’s debaucherous melee]
New Orleans, LA 70116