The Ghetto Gourmet

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coolioFresh off of his crack possession arrest at the L.A. airport, Grammy award winner Coolio is apparently energized and ready to teach your ass how to cook.  Remember Coolio? You know, Coolio, the wacky-haired MC who dropped science about gangsta paradises and gettin’ up before you get down back in, like, ’95. Well, apparently since his rap career went down the crapper long ago, he’s out to make a comeback — not as a rapper but as a cook. Yes, a cook. Cookin’ with Coolio is Coolio’s latest endeavor in the cooking world, following his Cookin’ with Coolio webisodes, which are more entertaining and informative than 90% of the shows currently on the Food Network.

Recipes include “Heavenly Ghettalian Garlic Bread,” “Tricked-out Westside Tilapia” and “Grilled Italiano Breastesses.”

Here is the description for “Fresh-pickin’ Raspberry Chicken.”

Raspberries and chicken? Coolio, have you gone mad? Have you lost your damn mind? Do we need to lock you up like Lil’ Kim? Hell to the no. I know what I’m doin’. I ain’t the ghetto gourmet because I do stuff like everyone else. This recipe was born when I found myself back at my house with a beautiful lady at 3:00 a.m. with less than a fully-stocked fridge. So I took nothing and I made something, and then I got myself a little something something. Know what I’m saying? Shaka!

Currently selling for $10.80 on Amazon, this could possibly be the deal of the century.  Apparently the man wasn’t lying when he warned us to get our asses out of the kitchen if we couldn’t take the heat.  He really is on a mission.