Masa 14 – Washington, DC


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Masa 14. It seemed to whisper, “you’re not cool enough, keep on walking” the few times I walked past. I was richly rewarded for looking beyond this facade. What I found inside was a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere. It was very crowded for a post-happy hour Monday night- packed with small groups and people on dates.

My bartender mixed a strong, very good grey goose and soda, but I was disappointed by the encore (rail) vodka and soda that was fairly weak and dominated by a heaping pile of ice.

We ordered a variety of tapas, which were almost all absolute winners:

  1. Tuna ceviche- tangy sauce, soft tuna that melted in your mouth
  2. Tuna flat bread- thin slices of smooth tuna draped over flatbread nicely complimented by acidic greens
  3. Calimari- not too chewy or greasy, attributes that are hard to find
  4. Shrimp- my boss liked it
  5. Tomato soup- strong, smokey flavor…very good soup
  6. Green curry- liked the potato and spinach accompaniment more than the chicken, which was not too memorable

My boss picked up the tab so cost was not really an issue for me. Let’s just say that Masa 14 is definitely not a cheap date, but it is worth your investment.

Overall, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was sophisticated, yet relaxed and friendly.

Masa 14
1825 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Rating: 4 Stars