Casino Prime Rib

Detroit, Food Reviews

Greek Town Casino in Detroit doesn’t just boast some of the best drink specials in the city(4 bucks for a shot and a beer), good entertainment, and non-stop poverty creating gaming, they also slang some some serious prime rib.  This is casino prime rib we’re talking about here.  After hours of giving away your rent money, child support payments, and phone bill, the only thing that could possibly cheer you up is a giant cut of prime rib.  They have people wearing chef hats and everything, because the only person I want cutting through my prime rib is someone with a chef hat on.  I can’t offer any taste critiques because I just couldn’t get myself away from the table to pay 10 bucks for a cut of casino prime rib.  I think they frown upon dripping beef juice on the blackjack cards anyways.




That lady in the last picture looks like she’s about to commit murder in return for her miniscule cut of prime rib.