Jillian’s – Norfolk, VA

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Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste…I mean, I’m an old hometown friend of Todd and John who now lives in Norfolk,  VA, serving in the Navy aboard the mighty warship USS Nitze.  Recently, I was asked to contribute to the blog.  I have my own blog and will continue it, but also will be contributing here.

Enough of the pleasantries, down to business.  This afternoon, my division on the ship had our Christmas party at Jillian’s, a Dave & Buster’s-esque restaurant in the Waterside building in downtown Norfolk.


For those unfamiliar with D&B’s, it’s like Ruby Tuesday’s meets Chuck E. Cheese.   Basically, a family restaurant/bar with a huge arcade.   Basically, you can eat great food, drink beer and play videogames and skee-ball all in the same place.

I started my meal with a 23 oz Guinness


Never a wrong time...

and ordered a BBQ Bacon Burger, one of Jillian’s signature entrees.


stuid blurry camera phone!

Sadly, the only camera I had with me was my phone and the quality is lacking.

My two oldest kids both got mac and cheese with fruit punch.

almost as good as Mom's...

almost as good as Mom's...

My wife, Amy, ordered the damn near biggest taco salad I’ve ever seen (another Jillian’s specialty).

Eat your heart out, Taco Bell...

Eat your heart out, Taco Bell...

My meal, as well as the girls’ included a $10 game card, so after enjoying our meals, we played some games.


After some gameplaying, which I neglected to  take pictures of, one of my fellow sailors ordered Jillian’s Killer Cake

It's bigger than you think...

It's bigger than you think...

We all (about 10 of us) shared it and there was still this much left…


Overall, this place was pretty cool.  The girl’s meals were only $4.99 and with a $10 game card, it was basically free twice over.  Mine was $14.99 with the game card (would have been about $10 without it).  Amy’s salad was about $8. My ginormous Guinness was $5.95, which is pretty decent for the area.  Overall, with tax and tip, I spent about $50.   Pretty decent lunch for 4, plus games.   My kids won a bunch of tickets and we got some prizes.  I got some Bubba teeth, Audrey, my oldest, got a bottle pop.  Amelie, my middle girl, got a paper fan, and we also got some Mike and Ike’s.  I noticed after we spent all the tickets (357) that had I been selfish, I could have gotten a Jillian’s pint glass.  Oh well, next time…


333 Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA 23510
757.624.9100 Phone
757.624.9500 Fax