Epic Portions = Taco Bell Complaint Site – Part 3


This is by far the best one yet.  It’s hard to believe this is real.

I get messages from random people about their bad experiences at various Taco Bell locations.  For some reason, they think I am affiliated with Tbell in some way.  It’s pretty damn amusing.

From beevo420,

russells point ohio store,,, the manager is a rude stupid person , i had to go back and DEMAND my money back,, while the whole time the manager is yelling at me , wanting to know what i ordered,,, at this time just wanted my money back,, this was the second day in a row that my order was wrong again!! i stated to her , just give me my money back and i wont be back, she says:: dont come back to my store!! rude, unprofessional, what a crock ,, and taco bell is suppose to be so great,, i say WRONG,, I’LL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY OF TACO BELLS STORES,,, im 50 yrs old , and when i get disrespected such as i did,,, ALL DONE AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THIS INCIDENT,WE ALL ARE TIRED OF BEIN SCREWED, START TRAINING YER EMPLOYEES HOW TO TALK TO PPL,, U SUCK!!!