Greatest Burger Joint Ever?

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Michael Symon's B-Spot

Michael Symon is a personal hero of mine.  Making him an Iron Chef was one of the best things the Food Network has ever done and of course they’ve screwed it up by not giving him enough screen time.  The man loves meat, and he recently opened up The B-Spot in Woodmere, Ohio which quite possibly gets my vote for the greatest burger joint ever.  I don’t even need to try it.  I can tell just from reading the menu.  Clearly written on the bottom is “We cook in Lard“.  None of this ‘Your burger may come in contact with lard” business.

The Red Hot Burger has my mouth watering.  This burger is topped with pulled pork, pickled tomato, hot peppers, pepperjack cheese, siracha mayo.

The Red Hot Burger courtesy of

They do offer a vegetarian burger called The Why? Before you lose faith in Symon’s love for meat,  you are given the option of adding bacon free of charge.

You can even get your burgers cooked the way you like them.  They’re not all cooked into submission like other joints.  In fact, you are encouraged to order your burgers rare.  The cooking temperatures on the website are as follows:

  • Rare: blood red, cold/cool in center
  • Mid Rare: reddish, cool in the center
  • Medium: reddish/pink, warm center
  • Mid Well: barely pink, warm center
  • Well: no pink, very sad, hot center

In case that wasn’t enough, The B-Spot also boasts a respectable beer menu, which includes three of Dexter’s own Jolly Pumpkin’s selections.

Road trip!