I Have a New Addiction – Peace Iced Tea


I’ve always been an Arizona iced tea man.  I rarely go a day without drinking one.  Sometimes I’ll drink 2-3.  I just have to have it.  I know it’s not the best thing in the world, or the best tea, but became an addiction years ago.  The high fructose corn syrup makes my mouth feel weird, and some of the beverages aren’t even tea.  I know grapeaid tastes like a grape popsicle, but come on.  Stick to the tea.

Today, my life changed.  I stopped into the gas station to pick up an Arizona after work and found a strange looking bottle on the rack two rows above my normal Arizona selection.  It looked like something from the 60’s.  Something designed by Hippies.  Something… Well, let’s just say it caught my eye.  Effective packaging!

I read the label and noticed it clearly is going for a “natural” feel.  No artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives.  No corn syrup.  Real sugar!  Was this too good to be true?  NO!  The stuff is delicious!  No weird feeling in your mouth from the corn syrup, just great tasting tea!  The lemon doesn’t taste like some artificial lemon flavoring.  It tastes like lemons!  It goes down smooth and doesn’t make you feel like you’re drinking a Coke when you’re drinking a tea.

Even if you’re not a lemon tea kind of person, they have green tea, Ceylon tea(not sure what that is but it sounds delicious), and Razzleberry tea.

I am very sorry to Arizona but I need a divorce.  It’s you, not me.  My new love reserved for Peace Iced Tea.