More Presents: 9.5 qt Le Creuset Oval French Oven

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I also got the missus the biggest Le Creuset roasting/cooking pot I could find.  Known as a ‘french oven’ this thing is basically an iron brick shit-house of awesomeness that should survive much longer than I will – particularly if I keep eating stuff delectables made in…the french oven.

We first tried out this thing on Christmas night – the last of the roasted Chicken  from our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA – more on that later) – still frozen two months later.  Whoops!


Look at this thing.  You could throw it down the stairs and the only thing that would get damaged would be the stairs.  And anyone at the bottom.  Cast iron enameled to protect it from heat up to god-knows-how-hot.  The only problem – since it’s iron, you’ve definitely gotta watch that water doesn’t get on the edges, or else they can rust, just like any iron cook wear.  We paired the chicken with roasted potatoes and my not-so-patented, roast brussel sprouts (basically stolen from Ina Garden – they are easiest thing ever – cut off stems, halve, toss in bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast at 400 for 35-40 mins until brown and crispy!).


Eat me! I'm delicious and I came out of the biggest pot in the world!


Good gracious - we threw some potatoes and onions in there too!

The delicious aftermath…


That is most certainly a full clove of garlic on the bottom of this photo. And I most certainly ate it and breathed deeply on everyone for the rest of the evening. Most certainly.

Be on the lookout for an update to my Chili that I made in this!