Taco Bell Beefy 5-Layer Burrito

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I have a system when I go to Taco Bell.  Some might call this the J.O.H.N. system, but I can’t come up with any words that make sense to fulfill that acronym so actually no one calls it that except for me.  I like to order a few different courses like I’m eating some fancy meal.  I usually start from the $.89 menu options, such as pintos and cheese or perhaps the 5 layer nachos.  I then progress to the middle of the road items such as 1/2 lb cheesy potato burrito or a cheesy bean and rice burrito.  The main course comes after that, usually consisting of a chicken quesadilla or a grilled stuft burrito.  I like to keep it fresh with variety, never ordering a burrito for all three courses.  That would get real old real fast.

The beautiful part about the J.O.H.N. system is that Taco Bell is aware of my frequent boredom with the same menu items.  This is why they frequently come up with new menu items to freshen up my courses.  The best is when they debut a new $.89 cent item, because the cheap items don’t switch up too often.  Most recently, they came up with the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, which consists of the Taco Bell hall of famers and nothing more. No fancy Baja or avocado ranch sauce in this burrito. They stick with only the classics.  It’s like the Mexican pizza of burritos, except people might order them that aren’t over the age of 40.

Beef, beans, cheese and sour cream, all wrapped in a tortilla that’s covered in another tortilla, but not until they smother the in between area with nacho cheese.  How perfect is that?  $.89 cents for all of that?  In these harsh economic times, this has to be the perfect fast food menu item, as well as a perfect option for my “appetizer” course.  This has increased my Taco Bell intake by at least 325% over the last few weeks.

I would like like to reiterate that that actual burrito is wrapped in an additional tortilla that has been smothered in nacho cheese.  Seriously, who thought of this?  I hope they have been promoted or at least given some sort of medal of honor.  Not only does the additional tortilla help hold in the ingredients, BUT IT HAS MORE CHEESE!  NOT JUST THAT SHREDDED CHEESE, BUT NACHO CHEESE!  I apologize for the caps, but it’s an idea that has me excited about eating.  Look at this picture!  Amazing!

So to the team that developed this burrito and to Taco Bell in general, Epic Portions salutes you for perfecting an appetizer perfect for the J.O.H.N. system, and creating one of the best Taco Bell menu items of all time.  I am excited to be a part of it.