A note on the greatest appetizer ever

North Carolina

Tonight, I went to my favorite restaurant tonight (ACME, a restaurant in Carrboro NC).  I will post more on ACME sometime soon – still collecting stuff in order to do it justice.  Well, tonight they had two appetizer specials.  We got both.  No pictures – so close your eyes and use your imagination. Hold on to your f*&%ing hats.

The specials:

  1. Porkbelly on collard greens.  For those of you who have not had pork belly before – it is the best thing ever.  Pork Belly is like a giant chunk of bacon – unsliced.
  2. The Gem O’ the Evening and reason for this post: A trout mousse with rosemary infused fatback spread, pork cracklins’, candied peanuts, and apple compote.

Let me say that again.  Pork Cracklins.  With Fatback spread.

Once more…because it bears repeating.    I ate fried pork skin (the ‘cracklin’), covered in Fatback.  Fatback is pure pork fat.  Not bacon fat.  No no – that’s much too lean.

I wish I had pictures.  I’m gonna go lie down now.  Goodnight moon.

ACME Food and Beverage Company
110 E Main. Street.
Carrboro, NC 27510