Haiti Relief hot dog eating contest turns tragic

Competitive Eating, Randoms

Its not every day a young boy dies at a hot dog eating contest.  Especially a 13 year-old middle school student at a supervised Boys and Girls Club charity event.  Although the choking death appears to be an accident, the Police are investigating.

Call me a conspiracy theorist – but a few things in this story don’t  add up.   First, is that the food these 12 young contest participants were eating makes no sense.  Apparently this wasn’t a contest to see how many hot dogs the kids could eat.  Rather, it was contest was a “game” to see who could finish a cooked hot dog and bun covered with whipped cream.  What the HELL?  Not Fear Factor, but not Great Eats either [Hats off to our EPIE winner!].

Additionally, and weirder, the contest itself was part of a charity event to raise money for the Haiti quake disaster.  That’s weird isn’t it?  An eating contest as a part of an event to raise money for poor people to get. . .food. Lastly, the prize for the kids upon finishing the whip-cream-dog. . .is described as some “candy.”  As in – you kids finish your whip-cream-dog and we will give you some candy.

That is just creepy. Although,I suppose back in the halcyon days of middle school I might have had a go.

The only good news is that the event reported raising $150 for Haitian Relief.  Come to think of it. . .that buys a lot of hot dogs.