Beer Madness, Sweet Sixteen

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We are advancing closer to the final four, and unlike some pampered princess’ super sweet sixteen celebration, ours will include no alcho-pops.  Just beer, and we are mostly down to some really great stuff.

American Macrobrew:

(1) Blue Moon over (9) Bud Light

Bud Light is happy to have gotten this far, now go hook up with golden wheat and be glad you are better than Miller.

(4) Coors Banquet over (5) Budweiser

Another win for the brewers from Golden, CO.  This is one I might have thought would go the other way, but Coors wins a close one.

(3) Budweiser American Ale over (6) Land Shark Lager

Stick to margaritas, Jimmy Buffet.  No one wants to be wasted away in Land Shark Lagerville.  You were out matched in this battle.

(10) Rolling Rock over (2) Killian’s Red

Call this controversial if you like, but there is more flavor and character in a bottle of number 33.  Killian’s is actually a pretty bad beer when you get down to it.

The results set up the following sweet sixteen matchups:

(1) Blue Moon vs. (4) Coors Banquet

(3) Budweiser American Ale vs. (10) Rolling Rock


A Colorado battle between Coors and Blue Moon looks like a tough one for Coors.  Rolling Rock tries to continue its improbable run against Bud’s American Ale.


(1) Newcastle Brown Ale over (8) Harp

Another close one for Harp, but this time it is on the losing end.  Nothing to be ashamed of, Harp is still a pretty tasty treat.

(5) Hoegaarden over (4) Stella Artois

The Battle of Belguim ends in a landslide win for Hoegaarden.  Stella is a cute little beer, but it was tangling with a big dog in this fight.

(6) Bass Ale over (3) Guinness

Tan beats black in this fight of classic beers.  In fact, a black and tan beats Guinness if they are matched up.

(2) Pilsner Urquell over (10) Grolsch

Czechs beat the Dutch; Grolsch’s uber-cool bottles can’t beat a far superior beer.

The results set up the following sweet sixteen matchups:

(1) Newcastle Brown Ale vs. (5) Hoegaarden

(2) Pilsner Urquell vs. (6) Bass Ale


As Alex DeLarge said when listening to Beethoven, “Oh joy, oh bliss.”  That describes the thought of these two mathcups.  I recommend the readers try these at home…

American Microbrew:

(9) Red Hook Long Hammer IPA over (16) Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Red Hook’s IPA packs a punch, and knocks Edmund Fitzgerald out after an early upset.

(5) Samuel Adams Winter Lager over (4) Bell’s Oberon

Some will scream heresy, but as much as Oberon is a harbinger of spring, it is a less flavorful beer than Sam Adams Winter.  You will still see me at Sidetrack’s enjoying an Oberon, but Sam Adams wins the day.

(3) Anchor Steam over (11) Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Anchor wins a close one, I love Cherry Wheat but it had a tough draw to defeat the San Francisco IPA.

(7) Bell’s Amber over (2) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Bell’s plays giant killer again, after knocking off Sam Adams Summer, it dispatches Chico’s finest in a beer battle for the ages.

The results set up the following sweet sixteen matchups:

(5) Samuel Adams Winter Lager vs. (9) Red Hook Long Hammer IPA

(3) Anchor Steam vs. (7) Bell’s Amber Ale


Red Hook IPA vs. Sam Adams Winter?  Interessant, to say the least.  That will be a tough one to judge.  Bell’s gets another big test against Anchor.

International Macrobrew:

(1) Red Stripe over (8) Sapporo

Sapporo was lucky to be in round two, meanwhile, Red Stripe is Jamaican a run at the final four.  And yes, I deserve to be punched for that.

(4) Negra Modelo over (12) Molson Canadian

Modelo Dark dispatches another Canadian brew with ease.

(6) Dos Equis over (3) Asahi Super Dry

Aside from a margarita, nothing goes better with Mexican food than a Dos Equis.  Asahi might be better than Sapporo, but it falls short as well.

(7) Moosehead Lager over (2) Modelo Especial

Canada’s revenge!  The eminently drinkable Moosehead takes down Modelo in the other NAFTA fight.

The results set up the following sweet sixteen matchups:

(1) Red Stripe vs. (4) Negra Modelo

(6) Dos Equis vs. (7) Moosehead Lager


Negra Modelo gets a non-Canadian opponent in the formidable Red Stripe.  Another Canada/Mexico classic looks like a close one between Dos Equis and Moosehead.

No letting up for these carbonated combatants.  The competition is getting tougher and the stakes are higher.  The elite eight beckons, with a final four berth on the line.  Look for the next round results by the end of the week.