Edible Books


Faithful readers, cake eaters, sugar addicts, bacon lovers… I have entered the Edible Books Festival here in Champaign.

Basically, I need to come up with the best book to make into a cake (and then make it into said cake, and also make it delicious).
Prize categories are:

  • Highest Literary Merit
  • Best Visual Presentation
  • Most Appetizing
  • Funniest/Punniest
  • Entry Based on Book for Children or Teens
  • Best Collaborative Creation
  • Taste of Mexico — Inspired by the 2010 Big Read
  • People’s Choice

I have no idea what to make!!
Help a girl out, will ya?  Leave a comment with your suggestion for what book I should turn into a tasty treat!  (And, of course, a tasty blog post…)