Mission Accomplished.

Food Reviews, Ypsilanti

After many months of attempting to persuade the city of Ypsilanti to rid itself of of Tios Mexican Cafe, it was brought to my attention this morning that I have won the first battle in my defense of Mexican cuisine.  Tios’ Ypsilanti location is now closed for business


I say this is simply a victory in battle, rather than a war, because there is still a Tios location open in Ann Arbor and while the seats stay primarily empty, it has managed to stay afloat.  Tios must be stopped.

If you have forgotten why we fight this bloody but important war, I urge you to review the Tios Battle Archives and renew your hatred for their attempted destruction of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Thank you, residents of Ypsilanti, for resisting their signs advertising a “World Famous Wet Burrito”, “Best Mexican Food in Ypsilanti”, and other propaganda aimed at destroying Mexican food in our community.  This city is host to many great Mexican restaurants, and I urge you to give them a try.

I now give you Tios on fire.  I love this picture.