Oberon Season Begins March 30th


My birthday is a mere 14 days away, but more importantly everyone’s favorite seasonal wheat beer will be available in 29 days.  That’s right, Oberon season begins on March 30th.

The best place to celebrate this holiday is to get down to Sidetrack Bar & Grill on the 29th at the stroke of midnight(technically the 30th) for $2.95 25oz mugs until 1:00 AM and random giveaways.  It’s a great time every year.  If you’re in the area stop by and at least have a pint to help yourself forget some of the tragedies that happened this Winter.  By tragedies, I mean snow.  Not trying to get deep here.  If you miss out on the opening night, no worries.  Oberon pints will be $2.00 the entire day.

EP will be in attendance so if you’re planning on joining in let us know.  I would promise a free round for any reader who shows up, but I simply can’t.  My apologies for being poor.  Don’t judge me.