The Mc10:35 – I did it.

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A few days ago, Jeremy wrote about a new McDonalds menu item that has been sweeping the nation.  This item is called the Mc10:35, and can only be ordered at 10:35 AM which is the only time you can order simultaneously off of the breakfast and regular menu.  The sandwich is a combination of the Egg McMuffin and the McDouble and supposedly is an incredibly delicious creation.  I decided to put it to the test.

I rolled up to my local McDonalds at 10:35 AM and asked the lady if they still had Egg McMuffins to be sold.  She said yes, and my next question was if I could order off of the lunch menu yet.  To my horror, she informed me that breakfast went until 11:00 AM during weekends.  This represented the single time in my life where I was disgusted that McDonalds was still serving breakfast.  Usually my experiences consist of me waking up late and arriving mere minutes after breakfast had ended.  I decided to return home, collect my thoughts, and return at 11:05 AM.

At 11:05 AM, I decided to drive to a different McDonalds that is right down the street.  How convenient.  I ordered my Egg McMuffin and McDouble and was ready to go.  I resisted my urge to add Bic Mac sauce.  I guess the version you’re looking at is the Mc11:05, but I’m trying to be authentic here.

I got it home and began creating my sandwich.  By creating, I mean I took the top bun off of the McDouble and replaced it with the Egg McMuffin minus the bottom muffin.  I took the pickles off, because I didn’t see that fitting in to this equation.  Easy creation, but completely magical.

My apologies for picture overload, but I felt that was the only way to do this thing justice.  It was amazing.  The egg and Canadian bacon went oh so perfectly with the McDouble.  I urge you to try this combination out for yourself.  Your stomach might hurt for about an hour, but it’s worth it.

Oh, last thing.. I ate this along with an additional Egg McMuffin, a hash brown, and a chili dog Stephanie brought home.  I’m beginning to be disgusted by myself.