Around the World with Pepsi


After re-reading John’s thought provoking expose on Pringles from around the world, I decided to expand the search of quirky products in foreign markets to soda, and specifically Pepsi.

Japan – Pepsi Ice Cucumber 


Cucumber Soda. Why didn't I think of that?

Finally, the refreshing burst of cucumber flavor in a soda! Pepsi plus pickle juice, how can that be bad? At first I thought Pepsi Ice was like regular Pepsi, but with a higher alcohol content. Might almost make drinking cucumber soda palatable. Sorry to break the bad news, but this was a one shot deal available only in summer of 2007. Ebay, anyone?

Russia – Pepsi Ice Cream


Pepsi Ice Cream and some kind of Doritos.

You would think our Russian friends would get to have a Pepsi product that mixed well with Stolichnaya.  Think again…Pepsi Ice Cream, which sounds like bottled Pepsi Float is actually just cream soda, but with a different marketing hook.  Makes you wonder why they never tried it here?

Japan – Pepsi Shiso

Teenage Mutant Ninja Soda

Shiso is from the mint family, and has a flavor somewhat similar to basil. Basil flavored soda actually sounds intriguing, but a glance at the bottle makes it look like something bottled from the stream outside the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Why not serve up raw Blinky wrapped in seaweed to go with it?

Mmmmmmm...radioactive fish.

Europe – Pepsi Boom

Pepsi made a boom-boom.

Pepsi Boom makes you think they went all Guy Fieri on their beverage, right? Well, if going Guy Fieri means creating a product bereft of any value, than I suppose so. Pepsi Boom is Pepsi with no caffeine, no sugar, and no artificial sweetener. Than what the hell is it? Carmel color and water? I’d rather listen to Rammstein than drink Pepsi Boom.